Valuable features to improve your pupils' activity levels

HASS offers multiple features that enables schools to track, analyse and improve pupils' activity levels effectively.

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  • Physical Activity Tracker


    Easily monitor acivity levels

    By consistently recording pupils' activity data schools will be able to track progress and identify improvement.

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  • School Sports Premium


    Track and report on how your funding is being used

    Log where you are allocating your Sport Premium funding and generate a yearly report showing the outcome with just a single click.

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  • Swimming Ability


    Identify swimming milestones at individual, class and school level

    For every individual pupil you can track their progression on the 5, 10, 25 and 50 meter swimming milestones. Furthermore you can use this data for a snapshot of the class or entire school's swimming levels.

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  • Reporting


    Use your data to generate valueable insights into activity levels

    Using Fit For Sport's years of research you'll automatically have access to a unique reporting platform that will idenfity key areas for improvement of your pupils' activity levels.

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  • L1 and L2 Participation


    Understanding participation counts as much as competition

    By focusing on participation at both L1 and L2 competition your school will engage children to be more active.

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  • Minimum Activity Levels


    Reach the recommended targets in activity levels set by the UK's Chief Medical Officer

    The CMO's guidelines state that children should be taking part in at least 60 minutes physical activity each day. HASS will help ensure that reaching this target will begin at school.

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  • Premium

    Get access to even more insight with HASS Premium

    Upgrade to premium and access your full archive and historical datasets, run reports with parameters such as age and gender, compare classes within the same year group and track progress between year groups.

    You can also view detailed activity data and analyse which playtime activities and sports are most popular, tracking progress over time.

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